Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lol, payback for greedy bloggers! Heck yea!

So, as you will notice, I don't advertize on my blog with those crappy adsence ads. I hope everyone can agree how annoying those adds are. It is maddening that some pages are nothing BUT ads to trick you.

Anyway, on CNN today:

"... several small-scale bloggers who were startled to receive letters from the city demanding that they shell out up to $300 for a license allowing them to operate a local business. One of the recipients had raked in a whopping profit of $11 over two years from his blog. "

Lol, you greeeeedy bastard put adsence on to make $11 bucks in 2 years, LOL. Now if you had only made your blog ad free you wouldn't be down $289!!!

This whole thing is crazy, however there is a lesson to be learned DONT BE GREEDY AND DISPLAY ADDS ON YOUR SITE THAT MAKE YOU ALMOST NOTHING AND ANNOY YOUR READERS!

What are you searching for all the time?

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