Thursday, August 26, 2010


On Slashdot today:

"The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Facebook has sued a tiny start-up called over the use of 'book' in its name. The start-up, which has two employees, aims to provide tools for teachers to manage their classrooms and share lesson plans and other resources. 'Effectively they're bombing a mosquito here, and we're not sure why they want to do that,' co-director Greg Shrader told the Tribune. Facebook said its use of 'book' in its name is 'highly distinctive in the context of online communities and networking websites.' Facebook apparently is alleging that no other online 'network of people' can use the word 'book' in its name without violating its trademark."


You have to be kidding me, does Facecrook realize that internet "book"s have different types? Facebook, Teachbook, XXXbook, whatever! This is just stupid. I -really- hope the judge agrees with me on this one. How exactly does freedom of speech work if you stoop to the nonsence the lawyers are up to these days... for the REAL Spacebook

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lol, payback for greedy bloggers! Heck yea!

So, as you will notice, I don't advertize on my blog with those crappy adsence ads. I hope everyone can agree how annoying those adds are. It is maddening that some pages are nothing BUT ads to trick you.

Anyway, on CNN today:

"... several small-scale bloggers who were startled to receive letters from the city demanding that they shell out up to $300 for a license allowing them to operate a local business. One of the recipients had raked in a whopping profit of $11 over two years from his blog. "

Lol, you greeeeedy bastard put adsence on to make $11 bucks in 2 years, LOL. Now if you had only made your blog ad free you wouldn't be down $289!!!

This whole thing is crazy, however there is a lesson to be learned DONT BE GREEDY AND DISPLAY ADDS ON YOUR SITE THAT MAKE YOU ALMOST NOTHING AND ANNOY YOUR READERS!

What are you searching for all the time?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


From CNN today:


DON'T: Flash the thumbs-up sign.

THE MESSAGE: It means about the same thing as flipping the bird in the U.S.

DANGER ZONE: Without thinking, you may give someone a thumbs-up when you're eager to show your approval but don't know how to speak the local tongue.

WORK-AROUND: Learn how to say "yes" in the native language instead.


Another alternative would be to learn how to say "God is great!!!!" and run torward the person who is offended. Payback time!


Your 9 wives look vry niiiice.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oooo, a shiney new phone!

Got me a new Samsung Strive as my last one died due to getting wet + dropping it too many times causing it to turn off randomly.

New one is pretty nifty. I just purchased a case and screen protectors on EBay for $9 total. I bet it would have cost me $45 in the store. What a rip off.

Speaking of rip off, they charged me a fing $75 early upgrade fee. UGH!

Every year I get older I talk less on the phone... I miss the old days.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Me and my roommate moved all my stuff out Friday and rearranged on Saturday. I felt like I got hit by a train yesterday. Today it only feels like a large truck. I guess I will make this a U*Haul is stupid post...

So I log online Monday and rent a truck though (don't bother going there, thats why I didn't hyperlink lol) and I get a 24' truck to be driving from the closest Uhaul to me to the closest one to drop off and a furniture dolly. I get a call on Thursday to confirm registration. They guy tells me the address for the pick up and I ask "Is that the same address I asked for online?" and he stated "I have no idea." "I guess I can check that myself." It's not the same address. The next day I am packing up and need more boxes. So I head over to the local UHaul. I ask the guy there. So, I have a pick up at X place and I was wondering if I can pick it up here instead. He tells me "Oh you are going to have to call them, but there is no way they would do that. We compete."

You have got to be kidding me... what was going though my head: "Call them the ____ up right now and cancel my pick up and then set me up one. If you compete WHY are you not taking my busness...

Whatever ____ it.

I was running late to pick up the truck so I gave the UHaul a call twice to make sure they were still holding the truck for me. 15 Minutes after I let them know the second time that I am still going to be coming for the truck, Uhaul calls and asks me, guess what... "Are you still going to pick up the truck." "Uh yes... I just talked to them." So they must not even talk to each other when someone calls in to say they are still coming.

So I go pick up the truck from the bad address and the guy goes "I don't have your dolly for rent." Would have been ____ing nice to tell me BEFORE I came here. Also adding "You can BUY one for more money" I go ahead and buy it as I am ____ed without it. WTF!!!! If you have one for sale then you better ____ing have one for rent! Also to note the guy goes "Do you know where you dropping it off?" "Plainville UHaul" "Well I hope you know where that is because its not coming up in our system." Sigh... fine, I will look that up myself also. After I am done with the truck I attempt to drop it off at the UHaul and the place is HORRIBLY MARKED! The only sign I can see for Uhaul is 30 feet back from the road with trees blocking view from both sides, making the time you can see the sign around 1 second from the road. Back and forth 3 times before I park in the place NEXT to it and walk around to find it.

Next stop, again to complain.

You got that right...

So I complain to uhaul and I get a resonce back from to my email. "Please fill out this form to help you" Wtf... I just emailed you all the same information. FILL YOU THE ____ING FORM YOURSELF! Whatever! I complained about that also.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


When in the hell did this happen? By the way, the contents of the bag contain: Fried potato skins and Fried popcorn chicken. LOL, FAIL!

Kentucky Grade Chicken?

IT FINISHED! No ____ing way!

As of just now, 240 hours after my stock vested, the money has deposited into my bank account.

\o/ HOLY _____!