Monday, August 9, 2010

I hate E*Trade + vesting stock

Hello world!

I remember I went though this pain in the ass a year ago...

Why exactly is it that it takes forever for an electronic transaction to take place? Yesterday I recieved my 2nd year stock vest. (I spent 2 years with this company so I get more stocks that "vest" over 4 years at 1/4 a year) I log in to etrade to set up my trade for the following day. NOPE! the shares are "vested" but not "released" whatever that means. I can't find ANY help on their site on how long it will take to be released to me (electronic should be instant!!!) I also notice that after "released" is "sellable" how much you wanna bet that after they get released to me it will take some time to be sellable. sigh... Meanwhile, since I have such bad luck, my stock will go down...

So far 24 hours passed for something that should be instant.

Oh, and my bank account is negitive...



  1. Yup, it takes about 2-3 days after vesting for them to hit your account and be able to sell.